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Speech Pro Associates, Inc.

Providing Speech & Language Assessments and Treatment in the Miami, Kendall, Homestead & Cutler Bay Areas in Florida.

When a child has difficulty with their speech, it can make it tougher for them to assimilate socially with their peers. Proper speech is a vital part of human social development. If you have a child who's struggling with speech and/or language, Speech Pro Associates, Inc. has the trained professionals who can help.

Speech Pro Associates, Inc. strives to provide the most comprehensive and convenient speech therapy assessments and treatment in the Miami, FL area. Senior speech therapist, Monica Cruz, is a specialist in dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as various speech, language and feeding disorders.

We Work With Your Schedule

At Speech Pro Associates, Inc. we tailor our services to meet our customers' needs, because we understand your life is full of obstacles and challenges. We accommodate our clients by offering speech therapy in their homes or schools. Not only does this make things easier on parents, it also provides the ease of providing services to our children in the least restrictive environment, which helps to generalize acquired skills.

Call or email us today to schedule a speech therapy assessment, and allow us to begin treating your child. We are a group of experienced professionals in the field with a proven history of positive results. We can't wait to help your child with any speech impediment or disorders they are struggling with – contact us today!

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